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Naked Sugar-Pit Bacon Steaks

Our NEW Naked sugar-pit bacon steaks are a healthier alternative to gammon steaks. Made with British or Irish pork and without harmful nitrites, they have a delicious sweet & salty flavour which is the result of hand-rubbing a special blend of brown sugar and sea salt into the pork loins, and then allowing them to rest for 5 days.

Available at Waitrose and Ocado.
Finnebrogue Naked Sugar-Pit Bacon Steaks.

made to be better

Our sugar-pit bacon steaks are made without nitrites ~ which is better for you. They are medium-cut and lean, with just the right amount of fat to retain flavoursome succulence. Enjoy them with creamy mashed potato and buttery savoy cabbage for a hearty and comforting meal.

Finnebrogue Naked Sugar-Pit Bacon Steaks



brown sugar coating

Made without nitrites

Full Ingredients: British or Irish pork (73%), Brown Sugar, Water, Sea Salt, Natural Flavouring*, Smoke Flavouring.

*Natural Flavouring: We do not use any nitrites, whether from traditional sodium nitrite or nitrites derived from vegetable extracts like celery juice. By adding non-selective fruit & spice extracts instead of nitrites, our Naked bacon and Naked ham have the equivalent dietary makeup of fresh pork with added dried fruit juice.

**We use revolutionary ‘clean-smoke’ technology, removing 99% of the carcinogens from a traditional smoking process.







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How to Cook

Always cook Naked steaks, never cook steaks naked!
Medium Grill 8mins | Pan fry 10mins | Air-fryer 12mins
Before cooking, remove all packaging and rest the bacon for a while.

FOR BEST RESULTS: GRILL: Preheat grill to a medium – high heat. Line the grill with foil and arrange the steaks on the foil leaving enough space between each one. Grill each side until until cooked. PAN-FRY: Heat 1 tbsp (15ml) of oil in a frying pan until hot. Fry over medium heat, turning frequently until fully cooked. AIR-FRY: Place in air-fryer basket and cook for 12 minutes at 200C, turning halfway through cooking. Allow to stand for 1min before serving.
Check product is cooked and piping hot throughout. Always wash your hands, all surfaces and utensils after handling raw meat. Do not reheat. Not suitable for microwave cooking.

Each 240g pack contains 2 uncooked steaks (120g each / 227cal).

How to Store

Keep refrigerated 0-5C. Do not exceed use by date. Suitable for freezing. Freeze by date shown and use within one month. Defrost thoroughly in a fridge before cooking and use immediately. Do not re-freeze.
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Enjoy these tasty recipe ideas using our delicious Finnebrogue products. Breakfast, lunch or dinner made better with Naked bacon or gluten-free pork sausages or succulent wagyu beef burgers.

Where to buy

Available from 2000+ stores in the UK and Ireland. find a store near you.