Finnebrogue is a family business and one of the UK's most innovative
food producers

our inspiration

where we live. where we work.
this land we call home.

We take our inspiration from the rolling hills and ancient woodland around us. From the land on which we walk every day, the land that is a part of our family. Where we grew up, where we make change.

good for you


We produce delicious, nutritious and sustainable food from our state-of-the-art facilities in County Down. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Christine Lynn on the Finnebrogue Estate.

For people and planet

Bigger Picture

Doing what is right for people and planet is integral to everything we do.

Bigger Picture is our programme to produce food that doesn’t cost the Earth; to build a healthy, diverse and inclusive Finnebrogue family; to do good for our community at home and abroad.

Finnebrogue supports a charitable project in Malawi.

good for others

Doing good at home and abroad

We donate at least 3% of our profits every year to good causes at home and abroad through the Denis Lynn Foundation.