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Denis Lynn Foundation

The Denis Lynn Foundation is the charitable arm of Finnebrogue, helping to do good at home and abroad.

Through his charity work, our late founder Denis Lynn helped to eradicate childhood malaria deaths in an entire district of southern Malawi, supported Cancer Fund for Children and helped to tackle holiday hunger long before it was fashionable. The Denis Lynn Foundation carries on this good work, seeking to do good for people and planet.

Every year we donate at least 3 per cent of our profit to The Denis Lynn Foundation.



The Denis Lynn Foundation supports projects that help to alleviate poverty, improve the life chances of disadvantaged young people and protect and improve the environment, with a particular focus of its work being in County Down, Northern Ireland


WELCOME TO Mulanje IN Malawi

Through the Good Little Company, the Denis Lynn Foundation has produced a 10-part series that explores the great work we are helping to support in Malawi. You’ll hear how we are training farmers not just to grow crops but sell them commercially for profit, and how improving irrigation systems can provide food security.

View the series here


Finnebrogue supports Children in Northern Ireland charity.

children in
northern ireland

We support the delivery of family-related programmes in underprivileged areas, particularly focused on addressing hunger during
school holidays.

boy going to school in malawi


We support The Good Little Company and its work in Mulanje, Malawi. Working with the local community, childhood malaria deaths have been eradicated, hundreds of orphans cared for and sustainable agricultural practices introduced.

Swans - Clean the Quoile

clean up the quoile

We help lead a cross-community campaign in Downpatrick to restore our local River Quoile to its rightful state as our town's finest natural asset.

one equine

One Equine

We help the One Equine charity deliver therapy sessions for young people with learning difficulties and people suffering from PTSD.

Easter egg hunt spon sored by Finnebrogue.


We support a number of smaller initiatives, everything from local sport clubs, schools and nurseries and community events.