food safety & quality culture

providing the highest quality standards

Finnebrogue is committed to excellence in food safety and quality, with commitment demonstrated through our vision, values and people systems.
Auditor inspecting equipment on a production line.


brc audit ratings


approval ratings for retail & B2B customers


food quality

robust safety controls

We are committed to producing safe, high-quality food that consistently exceeds customer expectations, while complying with our regulatory requirements.

We work with some of the biggest retailers within the UK – and they all want us to move to a digital format. We use Foods Connected to digitally manage our supply chain from supplier management to raw material approval.

Our food safety systems are risk-based with an emphasis on hazard analysis and critical control points. This approach helps to prevent biological, chemical and physical contamination of food in production, packaging and distribution.

Our production lines and processes go through rigorous multiple daily checks and audits by our quality control & quality assurance teams to help us maintain our high quality standards.

Operative packing sausages at Finnebrogue.