food that doesn't cost the earth

Producing food that doesn’t cost the Earth is integral to everything we do. That is why we launched Foundation Earth – an independent, international non-profit which seeks to deliver a systemic change in the way food is produced globally. And it is why a central pillar of our Bigger Picture programme is reducing the environmental impact of the food we produce here at Finnebrogue.

by 2040

net zero GREENHOUSE GAS (GHG) emissions

by 2030

carbon neutral (operational)

by 2027

100% of packaging will be reusable or recyclable.



We has invested in PV solar panels to reduce our environmental impact and our reliance on fossil fuels.

The energy generated from the panels at our DBP site, which produces all our sausages and burgers, is 109,779 kWh per quarter or just under 500,000 kW per year – the equivalent to 167 households from the grid.

A new array of solar panels on our plant-based site (OTB), installed in summer 2023, reduce our CO2 by 582,064kgs/year and produce 1,238,658kWhs/year of electricity for the site – the equivalent of 427 UK households’ annual electricity consumption from the grid.

solar panels at Finnebrogue



Finnebrogue has been ‘zero waste to landfill’ since 2015. Our waste is recycled, sent for anaerobic digestion or recovered for energy. 

• We have sent 2,969 tonnes of food waste to anaerobic digestion plants since 2016.

• Our category 3 food waste – processed via anaerobic digestion and refinement to biofuel, generates 984 MWh of energy, the equivalent to 339 UK households annual energy consumption.



Finnebrogue’s two Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plants clean 111,119 m3 of wastewater annually. The sludge recovered from this process is dehydrated and the organic matter is used for compost.  

foundation earth


We created Foundation Earth, a new independent, international non-profit, to deliver a systemic change in the global food system. The Foundation seeks to provide consumers with the information they crave via front-of-pack eco impact scores. It also seeks to provide land stewards with the information we need to innovate in a more sustainable way. It has won the support of some of the globe’s leading scientists, brands and government figures. 

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