We are humble foodies on a mission to make great tasting, nutritious and sustainable products for consumers who share our restless pursuit of perfection.

Delicious high protein soup using Finnebrogue Naked Bacon, Naked Sausage, white beans and leeks.

Our Finnebrogue 2030 paper, written in 2020, sets out our vision for a refreshed and reinvigorated food industry that recognises its overwhelming responsibility to people and planet.

It sets out our vision for a food industry that responds to the desires and demands of modern-day consumers, plays an active role in securing the future of Planet Earth and is devoted to producing the most nutritious, sustainable, delicious and affordable products possible.

It is our vision for how Finnebrogue will seize the opportunities that await all innovative, socially and environmentally responsible players in food – and sets out what makes us one of the few UK food businesses capable of challenging the status quo and creating positive change.

Restless private sector innovation will produce extraordinary results for our food industry and for our planet – and such innovation will produce a profitable, effective and fast solution to the challenge of climate change.

We call upon a melting pot of global talent and expertise to produce world-leading sustainable products and we always question every single thing we do to ensure we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We are not just sausage makers, deer farmers, bacon producers or plant-based alternative manufacturers.