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The Finnebrogue Estate is nestled amongst the rolling hills and ancient woodland of County Down. It is where we raise wagyu cattle and red deer – and where our stewardship of the land is transforming biodiversity across the 600 acres we’ve made our home.
Lynn family on Finnebrogue Estate.


acres of mixed farmland


trees planted since 2020


red deer roam free

The Finnebrogue farm is an expanse of 600 acres of mixed farmland, with half given over to the environment for rewilding, regenerative farming, woodland and improving biodiversity. We also raise our own grass-fed wagyu cattle and red deer.

boosting biodiversity mixed farmland lush pastures

Life on the farm

rare birds

Barn owl numbers are falling – with less than 30 breeding pairs reported left in Northern Ireland. Given our ancient woodland location, we erected 15 bird boxes around the farm in 2020, and in 2021, our farm manager Mark discovered a breeding pair. The tagging of the owls was featured on a BBC 1 series, The Chronicles of Strangford.

In 2022, we participated in the RSPB’s County Down Farmland Bird Initiative, which found 50 different species of birds on our farm, including seven pairs of two rare breeds – linnets and reed bunting. 

We just love this place.

stewardship of the land


Since 2020, we have planted more than 40,000 trees on the estate (and 70,000 since 2016), including a wide variety of native species that enhance biodiversity rather than density, including 60% oak, Scots pine, wild cherry, hazel, thorn, crab apple, alder and Holly.

We have dug ponds to attract birds, planted an acre of wildflower meadow and introduced pine martens to ward off grey squirrels. This has helped to protect our native red squirrel population.


All our wagyu calves are born outside in early spring and are raised on our ancient pastures of lush grass and clovers. 

Red Deer

Finnebrogue transformed the way deer was farmed and received acclaim from Heston Blumenthal and Rick Stein for doing so. What made our venison unique was our high welfare standards. The deer are born, bred and reared outdoors on our farm.

We no longer produce venison for processing ourselves, so our current herd of 250 red deer roam the ancient woodland, reminding us of days gone by. 

Red deer roaming on the lush green pastures of Finnebrogue

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Finnebrogue is one of the UK’s leading food producers. We produce premium sausages, bacon, burgers and plant-based food from our four sites in County Down, Northern Ireland.


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