Your breakfast is served. Oink-free.

Introducing Our Delicious New Plant-Based Bacon Rashers

There really is nothing like the taste and smell of proper bacon. So, we’ve created delicious rashers without the oink so absolutely everyone can be part of that special bacon eating experience.

Nothing beats the breakfast experience. That distinctive bacon aroma. The sound of sizzling from a pan.

Well now you can have all that – just without the oink. Our delicious plant-based bacon may not be quite the same as the real thing: but we believe we’re getting pretty close.

High in protein, a source of fibre with vitamin B12, iron and zinc – and none of that soya: it’s time for you to enjoy your breakfast again. Without an oink-oink here or an oink-oink there.

We started the biggest breakfast revolution in a generation by making bacon without nitrites – and now we have made it without the oink too.

Naked “Without the Oink” Bacon joins the plant-based range launched earlier this summer which includes Naked ‘Without the Moo’ Mince, Burgers and Meatballs and Naked ‘Without the Oink’ sausages.

Naked ‘Without the Oink’ Bacon hits the shelves of 600 Tesco stores across the UK this week, find your nearest stockist by popping your postcode into our store finder: