Super Sausage Launch in M&S

And so…as  the landscape changes yet again in terms of consumer eating habits with the onset of flexitarianism (eating less meat) and a growing interest in alternative diets, M&S embraced what Denis had been dreaming about in his greenhouse for years! A reduced fat, lower meat content, healthier but ultimate still gratifyingly delicious Super Sausage! So Jo packed her bags in July and travelled to Holland to get creative with some high protein, high fibre beans at one of our supplier partners test centre and the rest is now history! Borlotti and Cannellini were the beans of choice after sampling many. We dare you to sample this satisfying, reduced fat, high in fibre Cumberland Sausage on a freshly lightly buttered morning roll with a drizzle of your favourite ketchup. And for the chaps who like a bit of spice in their life sprinkle some cayenne into your sauce and mix well before topping your Super Sausage bap with it. Contains only 7.3g of fat per sausage, but has a whopping 7g of fibre! Innovation is our lifeblood.