News from the Farm

We’d like to introduce you all to our 4 friends on the farm. Rufus, Eric, Bambi and Ears are our resident trouble makers keeping our Farm Manager, Mark entertained. To find out more about our chosen four check out the below personalities. Each month we plan to share some news of their antics and hopefully including the off selfie here and there!

Rufus | Date of Birth: March 2010

Personality: Rufus considers himself King amongst the stags, he can often be found on the Finnebrogue Estate instigating a good fight or having a good awl grump.

Bambi | Date of Birth: April 2010

Personality: Bambi our resident diva on the Finnebrogue Estate and can often be found getting up to mischief with her best chum, Ears. Bambi is very particular about her food and how it is presented, refusing to eat anything which isn’t Barley from the bag.

Ears | Date of Birth: March 2008

Personality: Not much to report on our pal Ears just yet, but we can tell you that she’s often found causing trouble with her diva pal, Bambi.

Eric | Date of Birth: May 2009

Personality: Eric is Finnebrogue’s answer to Scooby Doo, afraid of everything and everyone. Eric can often be found running away from Mark or posing as a statue in the hopes of turning invisible.