NEW Better Naked plant-based sauces launch at Tesco

Better Naked Plant-based Sauces


  • New range of Better Naked sauces launch in Tesco this week.
  • Better Naked sauces are plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and made without any artificial additives or preservatives.
  • The launch marks the introduction of two new flavours to the vegan mayo market in the UK – Burger Mayonnaise and Southern Fried Mayonnaise.
  • Two new ketchups launched under the range are Roasted Red Pepper & Chilli Ketchup and Hoisin Ketchup.
  • Available at 497 Tesco UK stores.


Finnebrogue Artisan is launching a range of plant-based sauces under its Better Naked brand in Tesco stores (UK) this week. It is Finnebrogue’s first entrance into the sauce category – and its range of four new flavours are plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free; and made without any artificial additives or preservatives.


The flavoured table sauces include two mayonnaises – Burger Mayonnaise and Southern Fried Mayonnaise; and two ketchups – Hoisin Ketchup and Roasted Red Pepper & Chilli Ketchup.


The sauces will launch at 497 Tesco UK stores today and complement an already award-winning plant-based range, which includes imitation pork, chicken, beef and fish products.


The Better Naked sauces have been created to meet the ever-growing demand for better tasting plant-based sauces that are made without any artificial additives or preservatives. They are also made without egg or dairy.


Both mayonnaises are low in sugar.


The Better Naked Southern Fried Mayonnaise is a new flavour, not seen before in the plant-based sauce category. Seasoned with herbs, it brings a spicy and creamy addition to goujons, sandwiches, wraps and tacos.


The Better Naked Burger Mayonnaise arrives just in time for spring and summer BBQs. The tangy and creamy mayo is made with gherkins, tomatoes, mustard and dill.


Both ketchups are low in fat and saturated fat.


The Better Naked Roasted Red Pepper & Chilli Ketchup is a fiery and sweet sauce, rated medium on the chilli scale. It is also allergen-free and a perfect accompaniment to a range of dishes including chips, wraps, burgers and salads.


The Better Naked Hoisin Ketchup is aromatic and sticky, perfect for dipping spring rolls or enhancing the flavour of stir-frys and Asian dishes.


The sauces will retail at £2.00 (250g).


Declan Ferguson, Research, Development and Technical Director at Finnebrogue Artisan, commented:

“Our mantra has always been to look at what is wrong with food and then figure out how to make it the best it can be, without being bound by the way it has always been done.


“We’ve looked at the range of plant-based sauces currently on the market and thought too often there are compromises being accepted on taste and too many artificial additives being used in the production process, such as Potassium Sorbate.


“We’ve therefore applied our years of experience in making great tasting food without artificial additives and produced a range of new sauces – with no egg, no dairy, no gluten and absolutely no artificial additives – that taste absolutely delicious.


“The new mayo flavours in particular are the result of many months of research, trials and taste tests to ensure they were packed with flavour and offered something fresh to plant-based foodies up and down the country.”