Houses of Parliament serves up nitrite-free bacon and ham!

Houses of Parliament - Big Ben

Finnebrogue visited Westminster to raise awareness among members of the health risks associated with nitrites and the better options now available.


We were hosted at the House of Lords by Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick and supported by Baroness Foster of Aghadrumsee. Here, we served up tasty bacon butties using Better Naked Bacon, which went down a treat! The queue was never ending!


We were then invited to the House of Commons by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Northern Ireland. Alongside seven other local producers, we happily gave parliamentary members a real taste of Ulster; this time serving up ham and cheese sandwiches using Better Naked Ham – which is also nitrite-free.


Better Naked Ham and Bacon does not contain nitrites. They are produced using pork from the British Isles and both products are free from artificial preservatives.


Nitrites have been identified by the World Health Organization as a cause of 32,000 bowel cancer cases a year. And still much of the bacon on sale contains nitrites.


Our late founder, Denis Lynn, spent almost eight years travelling the world trying to find a natural way to make bacon without the need for these chemicals. He wanted to produce bacon and ham that was naturally tasty without the nasties or excessive amounts of salt.


Success came in 2018, when Finnebrogue launched Better Naked Bacon, the first major brand of bacon to be produced in the UK and Ireland without nitrites.


There were lots of ‘Mmm’ sounds throughout our events – so I think we can safely say that everyone enjoyed their bacon and ham, nitrite-free!