Hot Dogs ‘Burst’ into Asda this April

After 8 months of intense development and factory trials, the New Asda Butcher’s Selection Range of Hot Dogs will launch into Stores on Monday 11th April. There are 6 delicious products in the range; Prok Hot Dogs, Steak & Pork Hot Dogs, Pork Hot Dogs Bursts with Tomato Ketchup, Pork Hot Dogs Bursts with American Style Mustard, Pork Hot Dog Bursts with Memphis BBQ Sauce and Pork Hot Dog Bursts with Hot Buffalo Sauce.

We wanted to make barbecuing hot dogs with friends even easier, so what better way than to place the sauce inside the hot dog. As you bite into these delicious hot dogs you won’t be worrying about wiping your chin or making a mess of your clean shirt, you’ll simply be enjoying the awesome bursts of flavour.

Our aim is to bring the latest on-trend sauces to Asda and make sure we have a variety of tastes to cover the whole family. The ‘Pocket Dogs’ contain tasty whole cuts of British Pork Shoulder and Belly which have been blended with delicious seasonings and complemented with bursts of sauce – all of which are Gluten Free! So far we’ve received great feedback from customers, staff, family and friends. Hopefully they’re a huge success! Make sure to look out for them in your local Asda store for just £2!