Finnebrogue uses crime scene to demonstrate food safety, integrity & quality culture

Finnebrogue's Technical team showed us how to get crime scene clean production lines

A novel learning approach by Finnebrogue’s technical team has seen it create a crime scene for its Food Safety, Integrity & Quality Culture programme. Finnebrogue’s technical team organised some fun activities for colleagues, which set the tone for ‘Hygiene Week’.


On the factory floor, the team set up a crime scene which had operatives thinking about ‘invisible bacteria’ and the importance of high cleaning standards.


Using a spray which highlighted a colour (similar to plaque disclosing tablets for teeth), the team were able to indicate whether an area of equipment was clean or contaminated. We are pleased to report that our operatives aced on ‘clean’!


The technical team also had us thinking about the ‘type of clean’ that was required between changes on a production line eg sausage to burger. Using picture cards and a cleaning matrix, colleagues had to decide whether a hot rinse, chemical wash or no wash was required. They were given some information about the products – allergen or flavour – and those who correctly identified the wash won some sweet treats!


We were thrilled that Katie Satterwaithe from M&S was able to share her insights on the importance of cleaning and hygiene design, as well as checking and inspecting equipment.


Finnebrogue is committed to a positive food safety culture through its programme of all-staff learning and development. Our scenario-based workshops ensure our business stays up-to-date with the latest food safety standards, regulations, and best practices, and that all employees have a sense of ownership and responsibility for food safety and quality. Anything less is a crime.
Finnebrogue learning and development activity. Katie Satterwaithe from M&S