Food Foraging and Creative Day with Christopher Burt

Having enjoyed a supply of our delicious Venison and premium sausages into his Shropshire restaurants, Chris Burt, Executive Chef, Director of Momo.No.Ki, The Peach Tree and Havana Republic, was really keen to come and see what we do with food at Finnebrogue. Chris being somewhat a foraging expert was determined to have a gander across the woodland on Finnebrogue Estate before coming to the brand new facility to take a look at sausage making so the day started with a really exciting vibe. We travelled with Farm Manager, Mark Sandford and went to see our beautiful Red Deer hinds first (and I do think Chris took a shine to one of our characters – Bambi!) Next up, was to have a look at our estate new born, Wagyumama – first born to Denis and Christine’s herd of Wagyu cattle. My goodness what a cutie. We then got stuck into the woodland, Chris being first to find something really precious, deliciously medicinal Reindeer Moss, for which we were in for a treat with at lunchtime. Next…wild garlic aplenty, with shiny bright green spring leaves glistening in the morning light and with the sweetest flower heads you could ever eat. “A nettle and wild garlic veloute Chris announced”, as he held our cache of wild garlic high!

And so to the new facility where Mr Burt wondered at the fantastic way we had not forgotten our roots on the estate and had sympathetically designed a facility with a first class Creative Kitchen, Sensory Panelling facility and full pilot plant – kid in a sweet shop I thought. Chris then treated the team to a delicious 8 course tasting menu using our food as the centre of each dish. Star of the show being the Venison medallions with Nettle and Wild Garlic Veloute, Salsify and Crispy Reindeer Moss!

It won’t be long beofre we are back working with Chris, because he saw our passion for fab food and making amazing things happen from some really good ideas, and decided to work with us on some key creative briefs for 2017… watch this space…