Finnebrogue teams up with Belazu to create unique flavour system for plant-based bolognese recipe kit

Better Naked Plant Perfect Bolognese

Finnebrogue teams up with Belazu to create unique flavour system for plant-based bolognese recipe kit


  • NEW Better Naked ‘Plant Perfect’ bolognese debunks myth that plant-based food is tasteless 
  • Plant Perfect flavour boosting paste created in partnership with Belazu chefs
  • Bolognese contains mince made from wholesome pulses, grains and seeds
  • Plant Perfect paste and sauce – no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours
  • Plant Perfect Bolognese is a source of protein and fibre, and low in saturated fat
  • Plant Perfect is exclusive to Tesco, rrp £5.00.


Finnebrogue Artisan has entered the ‘recipe-kit’ market with the launch of a new plant-based flavour system.


Plant Perfect, so called for its use of first-to-market blends of plant-based umami’s, is a sub-category of Better Naked, and delivers flavour punch and quick delivery of taste.


Plant Perfect One Pan Bolognese comprises three components – a seeded mince, a rich paste and a savoury sauce – that combine to provide an effortless scratch-based meal for two where you only need to add pasta.


In keeping with the ‘tastiest, healthiest, cleanest and greenest’ ethos of the Better Naked brand, Plant Perfect is free from artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.


The delicious blend of oyster mushrooms, lentils, quinoa and pumpkin seeds create a healthier plant-based mince that is better for you and better for the planet.


And because Plant Perfect One Pan Bolognese does not contain gluten, the product has a wider consumer appeal beyond being suitable for vegan or vegetarian.


Commenting on the launch of Better Naked Plant Perfect, Barbara Mullan, NPD Manager, said:


“Plant Perfect One Pan Bolognese uses only natural ingredients that are recognisable from your cupboard or fridge at home. The unique blend of these vegetables, pulses, seeds and spices has taken time and expertise to create, thereby enabling families to enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal without any effort.


“Each pack serves two, and includes a sachet of seeded mince, a Mediterranean style paste and a rich savoury sauce.


“The paste is a flavour booster that intensifies the savoury notes of mushroom, red pepper and tomatoes, while the sauce adds a velvety richness to the bolognese.


“We know that plant-based proteins absorb flavours and sauces differently to meat protein, so our Plant Perfect sauce has been developed with this specifically in mind.


“We have made plant-based and scratch-based cooking convenient for busy households. Each pack is full of big umami flavours, requires a short 15-minute cook, and the use of only one pan. That’s less chopping time to prepare the meal, less energy to cook it, and less water for washing up.”


Plant Perfect mince does not contain soya protein which many people claim they find hard to digest, so for the 43 per cent of meat-reducers actively avoiding soya proteins (Survation 2021), this can only be good news; offering a healthier and nutritious seeded mince instead.


Finnebrogue’s product development team has worked with independent chefs and culinary innovators at Belazu to create the unique flavour system used in Plant Perfect. It is designed to specifically enrich plant-based protein and give it the deep savoury flavours that are normally only achieved by cooking meats.


Plant Perfect One Pan Bolognese is a source of protein and fibre. It is low in saturated fat and low in sugar.


Plant Perfect One Pan Bolognese is available at 345 Tesco stores in the UK. It contains a 2-person serving, 392g, rrp £5.00.



  • Plant Perfect Seeded Mince contains 1.01g of saturated fat compared to 2.5g in lean steak mince.
  • Plant Perfect Seeded Mince contains 4.35g of fibre compared to 0% in beef mince.
  • Plant Perfect Mince does not contain soya protein. Instead is contains a blend of mushrooms, lentils, quinoa, pumpkin & sunflower seeds. The paste does contain soya, as part of the Red Miso ingredient. For this reason, the Plant Perfect One Pan Bolognese is not soya-free.