Finnebrogue Achieves 3rd Perfect Environmental Audit

ISO14001 hat trick with zero non-conformances for Finnebrogue Artisan!  

On the 7th July, Finnebrogue Artisan’s, Donna Sloan made environmental history by achieving what we believe to be the first ever ISO14001 hat-trick!

In 2015, her first year with us, Donna passed our ISO14001 Environmental audit with ZERO non-conformances. At the time, the auditor said this was almost unheard of. Then in 2016, the year we moved to our new state-of-the-art facilities, Donna got us to be a “Zero to Landfill” site, she managed to do this again with ZERO non-conformances.

And now, Donna (HAT TRICK) Sloan has just passed ISO14001 for the 3rd consecutive year with ZERO non-conformances!

Absolutely unbelievable achievement!! Our very own record breaker!!

We decided to put Donna on the spot and ask her a few questions about her achievement.

What does this achievement mean to you personally?

“It’s just another day at the office really, it’s what I’m paid to do.”

Three years’ in a row, do you think you have a particular set of skills and if so, what are they?

“I do like everything to be perfect and I pay particular attention to detail.”

A lot of people may say that in our new facility it should be easy to pass audits. What would you say to those people?

“I would remind those people that the first time we passed this with zero non-conformances we were in our old site, the second audit was just a few weeks after we moved into the new site. So it’s not really about the facility we have, it’s about the systems we maintain and the discipline of our people.”

What words of advice would you give to any of your colleagues who would aspire to achieve perfect audits too?

“Even when you think you’re doing your best you have to push yourself to be better. Exceed the standards you set for yourself.”

Talented as well as humble.