Finnebrogue leads UK food manufacturing industry with diversity milestone

Finnebrogue achieves Diversity Mark Accreditation

Finnebrogue, the pioneering UK food producer, achieves a historic milestone as the first food producer in the UK to secure the prestigious Diversity Mark accreditation. Simultaneously, the company proudly welcomes Bev Mitchell as the first female executive leader, signalling a transformative step towards diversity and inclusion.

Over the past 18 months, Finnebrogue has actively shaped a workplace culture that champions diversity and inclusion, prioritising personal and professional growth for all team members. The company’s commitment goes beyond words, reflected in tangible actions and strategic initiatives, resulting in Diversity Mark accreditation.

Chris Overend, Finnebrogue’s Head of HR, expresses the company’s exceptional strides, stating,

“Our commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace has been reflected in our actions over the past 18 months. The Diversity Mark accreditation is a ‘Mark of Progress’ publicly demonstrating our dedication to this cause.”

“Key initiatives include the implementation of an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy, culminating in Finnebrogue’s first Gender Pay Gap Report. The report showcased the company’s commendable achievements, reporting the second lowest hourly pay gap among Northern Ireland food businesses, the second lowest mean gender pay gap, and the second-highest percentage of women in the top 25 per cent of its workforce.

“Additionally, Finnebrogue prioritised increasing female representation in operational roles, providing flexible working schemes and encouraging career progression. Collaborations with institutions like Queen’s University Belfast and ‘Meat Business Women,’ ensured tailored academic qualifications and professional certifications aligned with industry demands.”

One standout initiative is the launch of the Executive ‘Future Leadership’ Programme, demonstrating Finnebrogue’s commitment to succession planning and cultivating a diverse leadership team for the future. Bev Mitchell’s appointment as Chief Commercial Officer further solidifies this commitment, marking a significant milestone for Finnebrogue and the food manufacturing industry.

Andrew Nethercott, Finnebrogue CEO, comments on Bev Mitchell’s appointment, stating:

“Bev’s individual accomplishments, wealth of experience – which spans 30 years – and proven leadership, reflect our commitment to building a leadership team that mirrors diverse talents and perspectives within our organisation.

“Her commitment to inclusivity, evident in her charity trustee role at PSS Liverpool, aligns seamlessly with Finnebrogue’s values.

“We anticipate Bev’s significant positive impact on our growth and evolution, reinforcing our dedication to diversity, equality, and inclusivity.”

Bev Mitchell expresses her excitement about joining Finnebrogue, stating:

“I am delighted to be part of such a forward-thinking and innovative company and have been warmly welcomed into the team.

“Finnebrogue’s commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse environment aligns with my own values, and I am looking forward to contributing to our continued success.”

“Finnebrogue’s strides towards diversity and inclusion set a precedent for the food manufacturing industry, showcasing a commitment to excellence and progressive leadership.”

Bev Mitchell, Chief Commercial Officer