Finnebrogue launches finely sliced version of its nitrite-free Better Naked ham 

Better Naked Finely Sliced Ham

Finnebrogue Artisan has added a new finely sliced ham to its Better Naked range, to fill the gap for healthier ‘meatier’ sandwich fillings as the demand for lunchbox staples grow.


From plain ham favoured in children’s lunchboxes to popular ploughman’s sandwiches, Better Naked Ham ticks all the boxes.


Better Naked Finely Sliced Ham is produced using pork sourced from the British Isles. It is made without artificial preservatives and is nitrite-free.


The finely sliced ham will launch at 190 Tesco stores in Great Britain from today, (24 October 2022) and complement an already strong ham offer from the brand, including Premium 4-slice, Honey Roast and Deli, which are available at Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsburys.




“In 2017, Finnebrogue developed a process that negates the use of nitrites, a curing chemical used in most other bacon and hams that has been linked to colorectal cancer by the World Health Organisation.


“Instead, we use a blend of Mediterranean dried fruit and spice extracts that flavour the pork, give it its pink colour and retain its shelf-life, just without the carcinogens. 


“Better Naked produce the only ham in the UK, which does not contain nitrites.


“Finely sliced ham is favoured in sandwiches by many people, so it made sense to add this version to our range, given more and more people are returning to lunchboxes to save money.


Better Naked Finely Sliced Ham has a higher protein content at 25g and a lower salt content at 1.18g than a number of supermarket own-brand alternatives.1 and has an environmental rating of A for sustainability from Foundation Earth.


New finely sliced ham added to Better Naked range

Available initially at 190 Tesco UK stores 

Better Naked Finely Sliced Ham, rrp £3.00, 120g




Better Naked Finely Sliced Ham, £3.00, 120g: fat 3.2g, saturates 1.1g, fibre <0.5g, protein 25g, salt 1.18g.

Waitrose Wiltshire Cured Breaded Finely Sliced Ham, £3.95, 130g: fat 4.6g, saturates 1.5g, fibres 0g, protein 22.6g, salt 2.23g.

Sainsburys TTD Finely Sliced Yorkshire Dry Cured Cooked British Ham, £2.75, 120g: 1.9g, saturates 0.6g, fibre <0.5g, protein 22.9g, salt 1.9g.

ASDA ES Finely Sliced Ham, £2.80, 120g: fat 1.7g, saturates 0.6g, fibre 1.0g, protein 21g, salt 2.7g.