Finnebrogue initiative supports women re-entering the workplace

Finnebrogue was recently invited to participate in a Bolster Community event at the wonderful Montalto Estate, which focused on supporting local women back into the workplace. Guest speakers, Suzie Lee (celebrity chef) and Bridgeen King (local businesswoman) gave inspiring talks about how they manage their work life balance.

Niall and Gillian from Finnebrogue’s Talent team were there to explain how the company is actively supporting individuals re-entering the workplace through initiatives like its Returner’s Programme. For a stress-minimised onboarding process, the programme offers phased returns and mentorship for those who have been out of work for an extended period, whether it be from raising children, illness or something else.

Finnebrogue recognises that offering flexible working options not only accommodates individuals balancing caregiving responsibilities with their career aspirations, but also yields mutual benefits for both families and the company alike.

The company’s diverse career opportunities range from production and supply chain to finance, commercial, and procurement, ensuring a broad spectrum of roles to suit various skill sets and interests.

Finnebrogue, the largest private sector employer in Downpatrick with four food production sites, is committed to employee support and development. Over the last two years, it has awarded inflationary pay rises, continues to provide free breakfast and lunch options, and supports the onsite Food Shack, a compassionate initiative to redistribute surplus foods to employees.

The company places a strong emphasis on employee wellbeing, acknowledging the lengthy waiting lists for certain health services. As part of this commitment, it has invested in a mental health service, with confidential counselling provided onsite by Insula Wellbeing professionals. It also provides a health benefits scheme to employees.

To speak to our team about the Finnebrogue Returner’s Programme, click here