The Humble British Banger….an Institution

The Humble British Banger….an Institution by Jo Discombe

As part of my role or Finnebrogue, I am lucky enough to travel the globe looking at food innovation, not just sausages, but everything.  However, when it comes to brilliant bangers I just don’t think
you can beat what you find in some of the wonderful independents and farm shops this country is blessed with an abundance of.   As well as finding some delicious varieties at Farmers Markets and local food festivals too! In turn I think this has made the retailer more adventurous with flavours, which we have enjoyed being a huge part of developing.

A look back first though please. 

When I started in retail butchery (Baxters/Dewhurst to be precise) 33 years ago, I recall lovely long hand-tied strings of sausages, but you could only have them in pork or pork – thick or thin!!  Don’t get me wrong, you cannot beat a really good, peppery, well-seasoned pork chipolata on your full fry plate, or a good thick pork in a crispy, pillowy, bellowing Jane Grigson style Yorkshire pudding – a proper Toad.  But, we are all guilty of being tempted into a flavoured sausage every now and again, whether it is a traditional recipe like a good Bramley apple or with delicious pieces of leek or indeed something spicy loaded with red chillies or maybe a different meat – venison, beef, chicken, turkey and so on, whatever your taste there really is something for everyone!

So, what does the future of sausages look like for us all?

As well as the traditional sausage, and something we worked on with M&S in 2013, we now have the premium hot dog – not a canned sausage or one from a jar, a totally delicious fresh premium pork hot dog. Made to the same standard as our sausages, with prime whole cuts of British Pork but with an amazing smokiness from the Beechwood cold smoked pork shoulder – a real treat and somewhat a household institution now.  But very, very different texturally – smoother, with delicious *snap*.  And, what about those amazing Christmas market sausages – the Thuringer bratwurst being a favourite of mine – especially slow cooked in some beer and tasty sliced onions!  Then finally, a mention for one of my babies the *squasageTM* a flat pork sausage pattie, simply seasoned and perfect for popping into a toasted buttered muffin, with a cheese slice topped off with my favourite Clarence Court Burford Brown Free Range eggs!  Simply perfect.

Whatever your favourite, the sausage is here to stay, in many shapes, forms and flavours!  Hopefully this has made your mouth water and you are off to pop a few packets into your basket.  I know my house would never be the same without this wonderfully versatile staple.  And, watch this space as Finnebrogue Artisan has some amazing piggy innovation coming up in early 2018…but you will just have to wait and see for now!