60,000 Brits who quit bacon now enjoying it thanks to healthier Naked Bacon

OVER 60,000 Brits who quit bacon after warnings from health experts have returned to the food – after The Sun revealed new rashers made without cancer-causing chemicals.

Market research firm Kantar say in 2018 foodies have finally come back to the tasty meat.

The Sun told in a splash story in December last year new Naked Bacon was being launched which was better for the public to eat.

Research suggests more than 25,000 households who gave up buying it on health grounds are now buying the new slices.

Sales of British bacon had slumped following the World Health Organisation’s landmark report in 2015 that directly linked the consumption of processed meats to bowel cancer.

The WHO said eating bacon on a regular basis increased your risk of contracting the deadly disease by 18 per cent.

These warnings sent British bacon sales plummeting by £112m in twelve months, a fall of more than 11 per cent.

Conservative MP and chairman of the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee, Neil Parish, has welcomed nitrite-free bacon as a “brilliant British success story” and a “brilliant feat of food technology”.

This good news for the British bacon industry comes as two of the country’s top food scientists call on society to do more to remove nitrites from food completely.

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