Putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of our workplace

What a way to mark International Women’s Day. We are celebrating the amazing women at Finnebrogue who continue to affect positive change in our business every day, like Laura, Egle and Lubi from our production department.


They are a remarkable trio of mentors, who over the last two years have worked collaboratively to reduce absenteeism on the production floor by a massive 36%; and reduce staff turnover by 20%.


They’ve built a supportive and motivating team culture that nurtures colleagues in work and returning to work.


Finnebrogue published its 2022 Gender Pay Gap Report this week, and we are proud to be one of the best performing food companies in Northern Ireland.


We have the joint second lowest hourly pay gap of the Northern Ireland food businesses we are compared to, the second lowest mean gender pay gap, and the second highest percentage of women in the top 25 per cent of our workforce.


We are not complacent about these results, as we know there is still much work to do.



Diversity Mark

We are the first food manufacturing company in Northern Ireland to engage with Diversity Mark, and are currently working towards our bronze accreditation.


We have committed to reviewing our gender diversity practices over the next 12 months and will now set three diversity targets for our business to meet, including the establishment of a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.


Gender pay gap transparency was our first target – it increases our accountability and will drive action in our workplace.